From march onwards am a creative director for NADHI STUDIOS..we are going to produce animation content..for television & film..

when i got the opportunity as a Creative director i remember and thanked my mentors ...Mr Trotsky Marudhu sir and Balumahendra sir

Trotsky Marudhu sir

marudu sir first time showed me the animation light box that is 1992,that time onwards my vision are totaly changed , In Chennai my only animation reference source are marudu sir and landmark book store thats is teach me the animation.

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Balumahendra sir

and when i joined as a assitant director to mr balumahendre that time i worked the future film ATHU ORU KANAKKALM that is great moment in my life time i spend over 4 years with him he is a master in film and five time nationaward winner.

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