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Pakati..comic satire talk show in Tamil -First time in India
Pakati pakati (meaning satire) is a characteristic feature of
Hittappa, the comic host of the talk show. His show has celebrity
guests from all walks of life (sports, politics, movies, scientists
etc). Hittappa also has an associate 'Perumal' who has no single
professional career. He switches his job at will, as per the current
market scenario. And finally, Hittappa has a close association with a
middle-class Indian family. He shares the comical story of this
family on his show.

In the pilot episode, Hittappa has Sachin Tendulkar and Sania Mirza as
his guests. Also, Hittappa finds Perumal occupied on a roadside job,
making money by offering creative titles for Tamil movies. Perumal
started this job, after TamilNad Govt announced tax exemption for
Tamil movies thathave "pure" Tamil names. Finally, Hittappa takes
us into Mahadevi'shouse where the feminist writer has a female
visitor with full of surprises for Mahadevi.
Direction-Vijay Amarnath
Executive producer-Jeyprakash