From concept to final..

when i was in DQ http://www.dataquestinfoway.com/ i have created some character design.. beginning of that time Mr,Thapas(M,D) like this character so he took this character as mascot of company.this character elements influenced by my fellow colleges like chandru ,siva mukvana,aroop and...really that is my happiest movement..

This mamy character design for radan media , there media promotion (cellvi 450 episode) for Malasiya


Ajay Karat said...

Dude! I had come across your flash animation through coldhardflash.com and must say you got a lot of potential. loved the sync and very good timing on the one legged-one-handed-one-eyed man.
I really would like to see the father and son art work animated, if you ever had the time. cheers

vijayanimation said...

Thank you ajay..your comment encourage me very much..now am learning flash and preparing my new episode project in flash..and again thank you for u r comment..