Film animation


This Tamil film's tittle animation was DESIGNED & SUPERVISED by me, director simbu gave the concept and the animation was produced by"INDIAN ARTIST"

new concept art for my personal project..

guard 21

guard 22
mobile apartments
under water clubs

administrator ship 31
administrator ship 32


Ganapathy said...

Vijay, Your work is wonderful.

They are very lively, the characters have life and action, and are very loose and dynamic. colors are vivid.

great job.

vijay amarnath said...

thanks Ganapathy ..

toonaholic said...

ganapathy is right with the whole loose thing. they really look great. I would love to see them animated.

KARTHIK cool said...

Good Morning sir!!!!!!!!! i am karthik...now i am working in ARENA MULTIMEDIA..... i love your drawing and animation. i want to meet u sir......pls tell me your mobile number sir....... ok sir take care bye sir.......