future film production


Past six month i can't post anything because i am involving in future film production.

Minveli is a Tamil word means 'Digital Space', located in Chennai, India. Our maiden animation feature is based on the great Indian Epic 'Mahabharata'. We have a tiny but passionate team and We have completed our 'Trailer Project' in two months.


Phani Tetali said...

Fantastic work, Vijay!
Very impressive indeed. Please convey this to the entire team. Also to the promoters for believing in the project and encouraging it. Looking forward to the success of the film. Looking at the passion with which you guys are putting in all the hard work and I'm sure that this film will succeed. I wish you and your team all the best!
Thanks for sending me a link to the trailer.

~phani tetali

vijay amarnath said...

Thank you very much for your comments..

aroop said...

Exciting...!!!! More than anything else it so nice to see the good old fashioned traditional animation after so long..i really really hope this film works and turn the tide for all of us..All the best to the team :)